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SALVAGE (100% recycled t-shirts)

Products carrying the Salvage symbol are made from 100% recycled materials. They salvage the cuttings from organic cotton textile production, shred them and turn back into soft cotton fibres. To make the organic cotton and recycled polyester blend, they add fibres made from locally recycled plastic bottles. Those fibres are spun and blended into the yarn that makes up the super soft t-shirt fabric. 

Products made by Salvage are certified under the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) and the Organic Content Standard (OCS) by the Control Union Certifications.

Salvage is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). The Fair Wear Foundation is a non-profit organisation committed to improving labour practices in the garment industry. Their code of labour standards is derived from ILO (International Labour Organisation) Conventions and the UN’s Declaration on Human Rights. They help implement these standards by carrying out brand performance checks, factory audits, and delivering training sessions in factories, as well as providing helplines for workers.

EARTHPOSITIVE (100% organic cotton t-shirts)

EarthPositive® products are 100% organic. The entire production process is controlled and certified in accordance with the most up to date version of GOTS (the Global Organic Textiles Standard). EarthPositive® is also a member of FWF, and their production undergoes annual audits to comply with the FWF Code of Labour Practices. EarthPositive®  products are made solely using green renewable energy generated from wind and solar power. Ethical manufacturing through and through. Our organic Hyphal Atlas t-shirts manufactured by EarthPositive® are carbon neutral. Their factory is a vertically integrated garment factory in Tamil Nadu, Southern India with state-of-the-art technology and ultra-modern infrastructure, providing the setting for the textile industry's leading showcase of socially and environmentally responsible production.

our printing partners

BLACKWATER STUDIOS:  This time-honoured expert printing studio is based in beautiful Cornwall, UK. They specialise in water-based inks and screen printing. Water-based inks have good environmental credentials - the most environmentally friendly of screen-printing inks - and the quality of print finish is going to last as long as your t-shirt itself. Blackwater Studios started using water-based inks ten years ago, in response to concerns about plastics and harmful chemicals in our environment. There are no plastisol (plastic) inks used in their workshops. They remain a small independent business and are thus in full control of making environmentally and socially responsible decisions regarding their processes. 

FASHION FORMULA: Based in North London, these guys are a platform for digital printing onto textiles and wallpaper. Everything they make is manufactured here in London. They operate a zero waste policy and source everything from UK suppliers where possible. 

OUR Packaging Partners

PRINT.WORK: These guys are based in Leeds, UK and offer a beautiful, first-rate printing service on a range of 100% recycled and FSC certified papers. They're pretty fine on the delivery-front too; pairing up with a courier that is committed to making every delivery carbon neutral.  We used PRINT.WORK for the snazzy little stickers you get with your mail order. They're uncoated and 100% recycled. 

KITE PACKAGING : One of the things we love about Kite is that they are an employee-owned company. The other thing we love is that they provide awesome mail bags made from sugar cane. With no compromise on quality but all the eco credentials, sugar cane makes for bloody lovely packaging. The sugar cane for these bags is grown on reclaimed wasteland, so doesn't impact on rainforests. It is absolutely 100% recyclable and a greener option than some supposedly biodegradable mail bags that just break down into smaller pieces. No fossil fuels are used in the production of these bags. Another bleedin' lovely product from Kite is their 100% recycled Kraft paper we use to wrap around your item. Kraft paper is a great alternative to plastic, but recycled Kraft paper takes the biscuit for us because no raw materials are used. Nice one. Kite Packaging's home is Coventry, UK. 

what the future holds

Hyphal Atlas is very much in its infancy. We've taken our first steps and we've got a clear vision of where we're heading but there's a lot of development on the horizon. The studio is in leafy North London. Okay studio is a bit of a stretch but the living room sure does double up well. It is the home of Hyphal Atlas, where the design happens, where the sewing machine lives, and where the cushions and pillow cases are made.  The manufacturing partners we use are absolutely stellar in matters of sustainability, ethics and green energy so, until we can do it the same or better, we'll be sticking with them. Where we would like to bring the production in-house is the screen-printing, and we need some more expert hands on deck for sewing and pattern cutting. Pop us an email if you're a sewing machine aficionado and let's have a chat! We're also putting pennies in a jar to save for packaging made of mycelium, because at the end of the day the more stuff we can make from fungus, the better.

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