Lockdown was in full swing and prospects were looking increasingly unfavourable. The sun came out, the sketchbook came out, I had a fiddle with some doodles and became drawn to our humble forest friends: fungi. I began incorporating mushrooms into my sketches of the glorious female form and grew quite fond of these drawings so I decided they should be given a life beyond the sketchbook. Went there, did that, made a t-shirt. Dressed in my new t-shirt I got excited and decided to take things further and drew myself up a plan for a brand whose pieces would feel groovy, look groovy, and be kind to our beautiful home, planet earth.


Yeah, alright thanks. 


Hiring a superstar pattern cutter and seamstress to help deliver our next few products. Dreaming a little further along than that, we're looking at: nesting down in a studio; bringing more of our clean & green-powered production in-house; working with local textiles grads who might be out of a job in this gloomy covid era, and having some good, sustainable fun. We've got to move forward in a meaningful way that's not just churning out stuff for stuff's sake. Being sustainable isn't only about addressing the environmental impact of what you're doing, but also the social and economic impacts, so reconciling what we're doing with those three challenge points is a priority. 

Hyphal Atlas

mushroom tees, prints and curious things.

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